• How should I clean a Fold N Sea mat? The best method for cleaning is to use soap and water with a sponge. Using a concentrated cleaner may discolor the mat.
  • Can I use a Fold N Sea mat as a flotation device? No, Fold N Sea mats are not to be used as flotation devices. These mats are not USCG approved as flotation devices.
  • Which size should I choose? There are two sizes to choose from: 14"W x 36"L x 1"H or 18"W x 36"L x 1"H.  Measure the distance between your console and leaning post/box seat/cooler to determine which mat fits best.
  • Where to put your mat if you trailer your boat? Because Fold N Sea is made of lightweight sponge material, you will need to stow your mat while you trailer your boat so it won't blow away.


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